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What style stair is good with contemporary contracted style?

What armrest does contemporary contracted style stair suit to do

Quality is simple place -- savour contracted modernistic design style advocate.
From the style, also be the armrest of contracted style, simple point, do not heavy and complicated practice, material also guileless wood, glass, steel and so on can. Specific, the text is difficult to describe clearly, according to the composition of your other elements, to decide.

Foshan PEDEL metal building materials co., LTD., the main production of stair to steel wood stair, glass stair, steel structure is given priority to, stairs accords with contemporary and contracted decorate a style, of steel keel, matched with wooden pedal or pedal toughened glass or stainless steel pedal pedal or marble, etc. Handrails can be solid wood, stainless steel tube, guardrails are decorated with glass or stainless steel, the modern aesthetic concept of symbol is mainly sold to the United States, Germany, France, Canada, Australia,Sri Lanka, seychelles and other countries.


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