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What is the maintenance method of stair stainless steel armrest?

1. Scrub the stainless steel handrail of stair not to use steel cotton, steel wool swabbing may make metal particles adhere to the wall of the basin, easy to produce rust spots over time, and affect the service life of the basin.
2. Clean the stainless steel handrails of stairs to avoid using steel brush or rough brush, so as not to scratch the surface of stainless steel handrails.
3. Please use sponge or cloth to clean stainless steel handrails of stairs. If cleaning with detergent, use neutral cleaner and gently scrub.
4. Try not to use the rubber mat in the stainless steel armrest of the stairs. It is difficult to clean the dirt under the rubber mat.
5, the surface of the stainless steel stair armrest can not contact with water containing heavy metal ingredients (deuterium), because of the water containing heavy metals cause stainless steel stair armrest discoloration or produce rusty spot, if this phenomenon occurs, immediately dry with a towel stainless steel staircase handrail, please.
6, stainless steel stair armrest should try to avoid contact with strong drifting powder, soap and household chemicals, such as the above situation, need to clean water and dry with a towel immediately stainless steel stair armrest.


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