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Stainless steel Chinese hollow out screen background wall

Screen, as an important part of traditional furniture, has a long history. Screen is general display at indoor conspicuous position, have space, beautification, wind, harmonious wait for effect. It and classic furniture reflect each other, bring out the best in each other, one integrated mass, become household adornment indivisible whole, and present a kind of harmonious beauty, halcyon beauty.

This screen electroplate rose gold, have very fashionable, beautiful rosy red colour, say pink gold again, red gold). The metal, also known as Russian gold, was popular in Russia in the early 19th century. The material of stainless steel screen is 304, the board thickness is 5mm, the pipe thickness that makes screen is 1.0mm, the craft of surface of rose gold stainless steel screen is brushed, form the grain of beautiful annulus beautiful huan. The stainless steel surface is easy to be stained with fingerprints, and the finished screen is treated with no fingerprint sealing glaze, which makes the color more bright and the corrosion resistance more superior.

Rose gold stainless steel screen is divided into Chinese style, European stainless steel process screen, according to a variety of pictures to design products, widely used in hotels, hotels, office and home decoration. Baodiluo stainless steel process screen maintains the basic structure and basic properties of the original stainless steel, can be used for conventional molding and stretching processing. Coloring table has gorgeous color, bright color and luster, tonal gorgeous, downy, refined, smooth degree is strong wait for an advantage. Rose gold stainless steel screen as a kind of flexible space adornment element, in the style design has a certain degree of practicality and artistry, by changing the process, style, color, texture, design elements, such as can be easily integrated into the colorful modern design environment, especially in the new Chinese style household design concept, and stainless steel screen itself is a model of match well of Chinese and western, in addition to the performance of traditional Chinese flavor, also has the modern design is concise and use features of the Bauhaus, has been widely used in high-end club, hotel private high-end villas, etc.

Rose gold stainless steel screen processing for: through the large laser cutting machine cutting hollow out to get a certain pattern, and then after the surface polishing burr polishing treatment, vacuum plating rose gold



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