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Introduction of copper screen on copper staircase

1 introduction
Copper decoration, the average person would think of bronze sculpture, bronze wall act the role ofing, copper staircase, these either belongs to the work of art, or is antique, and rarely seen in China's cities copper decoration of modern architecture, all this let a person feel copper decoration is far away from life. In fact, many European buildings, including hospitals, student apartments, cafes, office buildings and churches, are now decorated with copper. But in our country, because of various reasons copper decoration is not common. In fact, copper was one of the earliest and most delicate and luxurious materials ever discovered. Copper has high corrosion resistance, artistic quality, environmental protection, antibacterial, the longevity of copper, versatility, is aluminum, steel and other alloy materials can match, is one of the most ideal building materials. In addition, copper has been a symbol of honor and power since ancient times. In the Chinese people's mind, copper is a sacred object of xiangrui, which everyone admires. The brilliant luster and heavy texture of the golden jade make the copper art decoration always deeply loved by the dignitaries.
2. Application of copper decoration products
With the development of society, copper decoration is rising quietly in China. Today, copper art adornment is government agencies, financial systems, hotel, scientific research institutions, business and high-grade office buildings, high-grade residential quarters, villas, leisure and entertainment venues such as the best choice decorates material. Copper decorations include copper roofs, copper curtain walls, copper doors, copper Windows, copper elevators, and a variety of copper household items.
Foshan PEDEL metal building materials co., LTD., the main production of copper stair railing, added a unique scenery line to modern villa construction, these modern buildings, form a whole, with the original copper color, dark brown, and green three copper materials in the style of decoration and building harmonious coordination, high-end luxury atmosphere. And the original brown copper plate, which is close to the color of plantain trees on the roadside, is used in China for the first time. The colors change accordingly, as do the local sycamore trees in each season.
3. Processing technology of copper decoration
Copper decoration is a custom-made product. Take copper gate as an example: its production and processing technology is: (1) according to the actual size of the site, the square steel welding frame, the joint adopts full welding treatment, the outside button copper plate section welding. (2) copper production method is: cut to bend to artificial drawing, chemical oxidation, washing to dry naturally, spray coating (special varnish), high temperature oven bake (160 ℃ -- 220 ℃). (3) the manufacturing method of copper door frame is: select materials, cut, welding, grinding, anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment, cutting edge poke grinding, copper-welding, pasting and covering. (4) when installing glass, the joint between glass and copper plate shall be sealed with glass glue, and the joint between glass and square steel shall be sealed with special anti-collision bars. (5) door fan installation: according to the position of the door frame, find the ground spring fixed at the corresponding position on the ground, and install the copper door fan. (6) standard for installing copper gate: the gap between copper door and copper door and door frame is less than or equal to 8mm, and the flatness between copper door and copper door is not more than 2mm
Special attention should be paid to the following points in the copper decoration process:
1, welding process: (1), welding quality directly affects the quality of assembly, so when the components are installed, we will strictly control the welding place of clearance, the wrong side, such as error after installing assembly welding node must be approved by the specialist ability after inspection qualified welder welds. (2) preparation before welding: B. Check the safety and reliability of the hand-to-hand setting of the welding position; C. Clean the welding groove area, and bring the baking electrode insulated tube to the welding site. (3) welding a. Symmetric welding (including butt welding, vertical welding and oblique welding) is adopted to avoid welding deformation; B. In the welding process, the slag of each weld shall be cleaned and the splash shall be removed. If any defect is found, it shall be polished with angular grinding wheel in time to remove the defect; C. when the welding work is finished, clean up the weld area and the welding working place and transfer it to the next welding node. (4) inspection after welding a. Inspection of weld appearance shall be carried out after the weld is cooled; B. No cracks shall be found in the weld, and the weld metal shall be completely fused with the base material, and all cracks shall be filled.
(2) surface treatment technology
1, oil removal, rust removal in addition to scale, washing, pickling and polishing, washing, neutralization, water washing, color processing, water washing, drying and other post-processing 2, pickling and polishing is recommended to use copper pickling liquid polishing processing. The purpose is to give a shiny surface to brass. 3. Immerse the workpiece in the prepared copper black agent, and the brass surface will turn black and blue in about 2 minutes, according to the experimental results. When the soaking time is 20-25 minutes, the surface color change quality is the best, and good anti-rust performance can be obtained. The workpiece can be repeatedly soaked to increase the thickness of the color change layer, which can obtain satisfactory results.
Maintenance of copper decoration
1. As water is one of the hazards of copper decoration, excessive humidity in the air will corrode it, so special attention should be paid to storage in a dry environment.
2. To prevent mechanical damage, do not collide with each other, do not stack, and be more careful to maintain fine workmanship and easy to damage.
3, want to defend a few outside harmful chemical material, wait like: acid, chloride, when moving cast copper adornment, must wear cotton to make gloves to be able to move, lest the sweat of the hand is corroded.
4. When cleaning, you should use clean and soft cloth to wipe away the dust. For some places where the cloth is not easy to wipe with the cloth, you'd better use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to blow away the dust.
5. For those who have been placed for a long time and appear to be dark and dumb, they should not be wiped with cloth vigorously when wiping the test. The main effect of polishing is to use cotton fine cloth to gently wipe the test.
6. In case of breakage or damage, repair shall be carried out. Rust removal may be carried out before repair. Then we should make a detailed observation of it and find out the corresponding situation of each part. For small parts, 914 epoxy resin adhesive can be used. The parts that must be welded shall be on the back of the ornamentation or inscription, and pins may be added for large parts. The repair requires consummate skill and should be repaired by an expert in this area.
5. Product features of copper decoration
Art itself is a realm, and most people's pursuit. The vitality of copper decoration is to pursue perfection in specific things, maintain a precise order, parallel to the overall order of life. Art is a kind of spirit, the realm that people yearn for. While we pursue the perfection of external big and small behaviors, we always keep our inner spiritual elegance and precise and orderly. The greatest power of copper decoration is to give us more visual impact and spiritual washing. Copper decoration in the artistic atmosphere, growing and growing. Real art is represented by art that is spontaneous and comes from inner wisdom. To create more profound art is to use the personality of The Times.
The production and processing of copper decoration all need to go through the complicated and rigorous process, which not only has the traces of traditional handicraft, but also has the wonderful modern technology of precision casting. Show different artistic styles in different ways; With more bright colors to mobilize our light, inner spiritual order, this is not only a consistent representative, but also a symbol of meaning.

Copper is an ancient metal, one of the earliest discovered metal, is second only to gold, silver, precious metals, and the world is not what kind of metal, can be like copper can be applied to all kinds of handicrafts. Copper crafts are not well known to the public yet, but products with unique shapes and designs are selling well and are more popular. So, how should copper crafts be maintained? How to maintain the method of metal screen, let botero say to everybody below.

1. Copper crafts should be placed in dry places with less dust and air pollutants.

2, copper handicrafts for the dust, the cold wind hair dryer first, and then use a clean and soft cloth wipe, and those who need to be especially careful details (brittle, fragile), with soft wool to brush or vacuum siphon off or blow to the dust.
3. It is necessary to prevent the exposure to harmful chemicals produced by copper crafts, such as acids, grease and chlorides. Copper reliefs should be the most careful.
4, copper handicrafts placed after long time, on the basis of the environment that puts more or less will appear the phenomenon of some dark dumb, when can the silk cotton cloth wipe gently back and forth, can achieve the effect of polishing, so that the radiant protection wax layer on the surface of the back.
5. Do not immerse copper products into the water, which will lead to water erosion inside the copper ware, so as to make the surface color fall off. Correct care and maintenance, storage methods, to ensure your art color and color, content permanent collection appreciation!


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